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SAP Security

Our audit approach for SAP solutions offers your organisation a very efficient method to control and implement derivable requirements from the perspective of governance, risk and compliance. Our experts’ experience regarding the SAP audit area is unique in Austria. This knowledge serves our employees at on-site assignments in order to efficiently point out control deficiencies and assess the effectiveness of SAP controls.

We can support you with the following:

  • SAP hacking – technical security check of the system (internal and external)
  • development of ABAP secure coding guidelines
  • ABAP source code analysis
  • execution of SAP authorisation audits
  • establishment and check of business process controls
  • performance of automatised proof regarding the compliance of rule conformity within the area of SAP access rights/authorisations
  • regular, automatised scan of SAP authorisations according to respective standards as well as employee-structured documentation of issued authorisations
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